Azure blob container upload application
I've been playing with Azure blob container to hold application files and folder.
You can get application that can give you a explorer to view, add and manage your blob container, but what is the fun in that.
So I've spent sometime doing a simple application, that will take local resources from a given folder and upload the files. These files will be uploaded to azure in the same file\folder as the local structure.

Connect and get container
This small snippet will connect to you Azure blob and access you main container.
You will need to get the connection details and the blob you need from your Azure portal.
The blob does not need to exist as it will create it if not found.

Main upload method
This method is the primary method, which will control the upload.
This example only uploads a single directory content to the container.

Upload directory
This method is simple method, which first calls a method which will upload the file content of the current directory.
The it loops through any sub directory and pass those directories back to itself.

Upload File
This method is called from the directory upload method and this is the method that actually uploaded the local files to the Azure container.
An assumption has been made here that folder structure you have local, matches the structure you have on azure.
There is logic, which removes the local element of the file, which is not on the azure side.

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