Converting a Data class object content into an XML string
Converting a Data object into an XML file just by using a Data object and XMLSerializer,

The Data class
This is the data class. which will be used to convert a data object into an xml string .

public class ExampleDataClass
public string Type { get; set; }
public string Code { get; set; }
public string Description { get; set; }

public List ExampleElements { get; set; }

Required references


The Method Call
This method call simply takes the data object and convert the object content into a XML string.

ExampleDataClass dataObject = new ExampleDataClass ();
...Set data to object...
string xmlString = ToXMLString(dataObject);

The converting method
This method converts the data object into an XML string

public static string ToXMLString(object item)
var stringwriter = new System.IO.StringWriter();
var serializer = new XmlSerializer(item.GetType());
serializer.Serialize(stringwriter, item);
return stringwriter.ToString();

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