Linq DataContext Conflict and Deadlock resolve
Lately I have been working on process which deals with large datasets being processed and been passed to a SQL Server databases, as a inserted or updating .
The solution being used uses Linq using lambda expression and a DataContext. Now I'm seeing deadlock and conflict issues, which I have not come across before.

Now that I have seen the problem, I have come up with a resolve that seems to work and it is broken down into two main elements as there are two different, but linked issues.
1 - Deadlock - Wait for if a deadlock is found and try again.
2 - Conflicts - If conflict found, move on and then resolve afterwards.

Submit process
This is a shared method, which is been used for all my Commits on the DataContext object.

There are options of altering the Database schema to reduce the the deadlocks, but I am not able to alter the schema's.

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