Silently printing PDF documents in C#
This simple class below will print a PDF document, using adobe silently.

Get the Printer name
This gets the default printer name from the Printer dialog

private static void getPrinterName()
PrintDialog pt = new PrintDialog();
printerName = pt.PrinterSettings.PrinterName;

Get document title
This logic was designed around PDF and this method will get the Title of the PDF document

private static void getDocumentTitle()

iTextSharp.text.pdf.PdfReader reader = new iTextSharp.text.pdf.PdfReader(printFileName);
documentTitle = reader.Info["Title"];


Set the Start Process
This will put the main element of the process together and set the start process to use Adobe and pass the document location and printer as an argument.
This is meant to run adobe silently, but now adobe shows for a few seconds and then closes, once the print command is completed

private static void setProcess()
string flagNoSplashScreen = "/s /o";
string flagOpenMinimized = "/h";
var flagPrintFileToPrinter = string.Format("/t \"{0}\" \"{1}\"", printFileName, printerName);
var args = string.Format("{0} {1} {2}", flagNoSplashScreen, flagOpenMinimized, flagPrintFileToPrinter);

startInfo = new ProcessStartInfo
FileName = applicationPath,
Arguments = args,
CreateNoWindow = true,
ErrorDialog = false,
UseShellExecute = false,
Verb = "print",
WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Minimized,
RedirectStandardInput = true,
RedirectStandardOutput = false



Get a EXE application path from Registration
Getting the application path from the system registry.
So Adobe needs to be installed and this logic will return nothing if not installed.

private static Liststring,string>> RegistrationKey;
private static string allocatedPath;

public static string Allocate()


return allocatedPath;

//This will set a list of different keys
private static void createRegistrationKey()

RegistrationKey = new Liststring, string>>();
RegistrationKey.Add(new Tuple<string, string>("Adobe", @"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Acrobat.EXE"));
RegistrationKey.Add(new Tuple<string, string>("Adobe32", @"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\AcroRD32.EXE"));

//This checks the the registry for a path and if found it wont look for any other
private static void getInstalledApplicationPath()

allocatedPath = string.Empty;
foreach (var s in RegistrationKey)

allocatedPath = getRegistryApplicationPath(s.Item2);
if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(allocatedPath))

//This method will look within the registry for a path, using the key provided
private static string getRegistryApplicationPath(string applicationKey)
RegistryKey key = Registry.LocalMachine.OpenSubKey(applicationKey);
if (key != null)
return key.GetValue("").ToString();

return String.Empty;

Run the process

public static void Print(string path)
printFileName = path;
applicationPath = PDFLibrary.ApplicationEXEPath.Allocate();
using (var process = Process.Start(startInfo))



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