Remote working

After working 1 day at home for 2-3 years. Finally, was given the chance to become a remote worked. People say you love it or hate it or the grass is always greener on the other side. Currently I love this grass and would not wont to swap it to 5 days office work.

Before I did it, I did read all different good and bad point and best practices to follow as a remote worker. My main points would be having a clean area away from family or personal life and when work time is over, it is over.

Public sector

3 years of being a Junior, now I am becoming a Analysis developer in my local council, where I will be looking at C# and MVC systems. Bring it on!!

Public to private sector

After 3 years of working in the public sector on MVC and WCF internal and external systems, with a development team of 4 and 4 different teams. My role was working between and with each team.

Now I will jump into a private company with only me as the development team and a Winform system. This is going to be fun and will give me place to grow or burn!

First position

I have finally started my journey as a Junior developer in a company that has a PHP, MySQL and MS SQL external systems. As well as working on the main external solution, I will create internal tools using PHP, .Net and Java languages.

Personal Projects

Digi notes

This is a win form application uses a backend SQL CE database, which will give you ways of filling notes and plan your work. There is a time spent on each note and project level, so it make it easy to work out how much time and what time is spent on what project or solutions.\


This is a simple Windows desktop application, which uses the Team Foundation Services API to add bugs, User stories or Task onto a given Team Foundation Services agile workload.\


This is my personal blog site, and this has been used to refresh and try new web technologies\



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