Local storage basket


Add to basekt using localStorage()


April 2016

tools used

HTML, SCSS, jQuery, localStorage


Using Local Storage, which allows you to use JavaScript to store data locally in a user's browser. By creating a product using a contructor function and accessing the object and placing them into the dom. On the click of add to basket, information can be stored into local storage and stay within the basket. If the user closes the browsers or refreshes, the basket items will remain. The items can be removed as well by the click of a button within the basket. Local storage can be a powerful tool and can be used in a number of ways to aid the user. A few examples are a to do list, shopping basket and editing a web page appearance, view example.


Using local storage setItem() to store and getItem() to get back information.

See the Pen local storage basket by Harry Beckwith (@fun) on CodePen.

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